Uttamsing Pawar_Chairman


Born in a farmer family in Anad( Sillod, Dist: Aurangabad ).

He progressed on the ladder and achieved the position of Member of Parliament twice (11th & 12th Loksabha) We worked from the grass root level in rural area and intensely wants to work for the education of masses particularly women. He worked for the people of the land where he is born.

He was Chairman of MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation ) during the period 1995-96. He is Vice Chairman of Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and development. He is founder of Ajanta Education & Military Preparatory Institute, Sillod, Aurangabad and Maharani Padminidevi Pratishthan. He has represented in many international conferences organized for health, HIV awareness and education in various countries.

He intensely felt that education for women is a dire necessity for their upliftment and development and to elevate their status in society at large. His efforts are directed towards their empowerment. Which got him involved in Sadhubella Education Society.

He is chaining many Companies of his own with nearly 25000 employees. Because of his urge for helping downtrodden and because of his social awareness, he sent 150 engineering students to Taiwan through FEMCO Ltd. His multinational Company.

He, now is leading a social organization VIKRAND ( Marathwada Vikas Kranti Dal ) dealing with problems of drought water scarcity and suicides of farmers, which have shaken Marathwada.