BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

This programme was introduced by the university recently under professional course. It is a three years degree programme divided in to six semesters.


This programme aims at cultivating knowledge among the students to be ideal managers/ entrepreneurs. The course lays specific emphasis on maintaining the financial and accounting aspects of business over and above other managerial activities. Following are the main competencies which the students acquire on completion of graduation in management.


This programme enables the learners to acquire knowledge in different areas of management.

The learners acquire accounting knowledge in different areas like Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, etc.

The Basic Knowledge of Law helps the learners in connection with legal implications of business decisions and management.

The learners acquire good communication skill to deal with the day today matters of business with a sound background of Mathematics and Statistics.

The learners understand how to economize the use of resources of the firm (Cost Cutting Techniques, Minimization of Labour Cost, Energy Saving, Economies of Large Scale production etc.

The learners are trained to understand the methods/techniques of recruitment and selection of employees so as to maximise employees productivity.

The learners attain perfection in using information technology in business, finance, management etc for attaining the objectives.

They get up to date knowledge of Direct Tax, GST, and other Tax system to run the organization in accordance with the Tax policy of the Government.

The learners become capable to understand and take the environmental issues like, pollution (Water, Sound, Air), Disposal of waste etc. Effective environment Management is one of the specific outcomes of this programme.

The learners become capable of making short term and long term planning in connection with various aspects of business and implement them accordingly as a successful entrepreneur.

The programme makes the graduates to take correct decisions regarding investment strategies, analysing different investment proposals and selection of a right investment proposal.

The learners become capable of formulating and implementing of the major goals and initiative taken by the organization’s top management on behalf of the owners based on the consideration of resources and environment in which the organization operates.

This programme enables the learners to practice portfolio management in the form of group investment like equity transaction, transaction in securities like Bonds and debentures etc.