M.Com (Master of Commerce)



Pursue research in their chosen areas

Take up teaching in the institutions of higher education of after qualifying requisite tests

Work as Data Analysts

:- To work as investment consultant/ tax consultant after a short internship in suitable organizations in this country or in abroad.

To work as executives in banking and insurance sector with necessary short term internship.

To enable to forecast the demand and formulate business planning and policies, profit planning, governments tax policies etc.

Use statistical techniques, logical reasoning and making business decisions.

Manage/plan, organize, control the business with good leadership quality and capacity of accepting the challenges.

Identify factors affecting business like government policy and priorities and to prevent unfair trade practices.

:- To understand management control systems, evaluate the segment business unit and issues connected with management.

To become capable of calculating goodwill, preparation audit, appointment of auditor with required qualification.

To understand working of insurance companies online banking, significance and functions of RBI, risk management etc.

To understand human resource management- recruitment, remuneration plans, training programmes, collection of information regarding job availability.

To understand marketing concepts, change in environment, consumer behaviour, product related decisions etc.

:- Get knowledge of designing of portfolios, investment analysis, trends in stock market, investment decisions.

To get knowledge about application of HRA, Price level accounting, writing reports on trends in published accounts, preparation of value added statements and calculation of economic value added.

:- To get knowledge of strategic management, process, role of environment scanning in management, importance of strategy formulation and strategy implementation.

To become Familiarize with capital marketing and depository system, innovative financial instruments, calculation of methodology of indices.