B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)



The curriculum includes different subjects- Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Law, Marketing, Auditing, etc. the skills and knowledge of the learners enhances through this programme.

This programme helps the learners in acquiring specialised competitive professional knowledge by appearing examinations like CA, CS, ICWA and other examinations.

The learners get Knowledge, skills and practical experience to serve as Auditors, Tax Consultant, Investment Consultant etc.

The programme includes extension activities – NCC, NSS, DLLE, Aviskar etc which help them to involve in social activities and to serve the society.

The learners get skill and knowledge connected with Law which is a part of the curriculum to handle legal matters in business.

Communication Skill and effective communication which is a part of the curriculum enhances the communication skills of the learners to conduct the business effectively.

This programmes enables the learners to get advance knowledge of the business and help them in taking appropriate decisions at critical time and also enables them to have critical thinking on various business issues.

Subjects like Managerial Accounting enhances their managerial skills for effective management.

Business economics enhances the skill of economising and application of economic theories in business for success.

This programme takes the learners towards digital world. Computer accounting, the most perfect accounting system is one of the specific outcomes of the programme.

The curriculum of this programme helps the learners to make their carrier in the field of Export and Import and also enhances their skills in this field.

Without the basic knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics, success cannot be attained in the competitive business area. This programme provides the specialised knowledge for conducting successful business.

The subject of Environmental studies enables the learners of this programme to take decisions connected with environment, pollution and related matters.