Mr. Nititn Bagwe



Ex- Academic Council Member,
Dr.BAMU, Aurangabad.
Ex- Executive Council Member
Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, Pune.

Sadhubella Education Society’s J. Watumull Sadhubella Girls College Ulhasnagar is opened with this ideology to nourish and nurture the potential of individuals to the extent of perfection. Here we endeavour to spread the light of education all around. It is our earnest effort to make Sadhubella Girls College, a College with a difference and a College mission to impart excellence in individuals and prepare world-class citizens, professionals, leader, bureaucrats and intellectuals. We lay focus on the all-round development of students where she will be physically strong and mentally healthy. Instead of making her contented with what she has learnt, we intensify their desire to learn more and more. This process of giving and taking education should never stop. British Prime Minister Tony Blair, when being asked about his three priorities of the government, said, “Education, Education and Education.” This statement reveals a statesman’s worry for the present and the future. It is aphoristic rather than figurative. He knows very well how important role education plays in building individuals as well as a nation.

We at Sadhubella Education Society aim at fostering that type of education which can develop our student’s capability to enhance maximize our composite culture, strengthen integrated India and peaceful world. The Management, Parents, Students and the Teaching Fraternity of our college are a Team and complement each other’s efforts. We understand that Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a high profiled job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide and make our students morally upright citizens of the country.

Therefore, we try to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where academics, sports and co-curricular Facilities mould our students and motivate them to be the brightest and the best. In order to do this, the college works towards inculcating certain values in the students in order to enrich their mind and spirit and also to develop essential moral attributes like truthfulness, courtesy, generosity, compassion, justice, love and trustworthiness in them. The students are taught to study in an atmosphere of love and unity where each student sees herself as a member of one global family, free from the prejudices of ethnicities, nationalities, class and religion dogmas.

I welcome parents and students to be part of Sadhubella Education Society’s J. Watumull Sadhubella Girls College family to share common ideals and aspirations as we build through a challenging and enriching educational experience for our students.