As a need of globalization Management of Sadhubella Education Society decided to introduce Professional course Bachelor of Management studies. It has been started in year 2004. Also, professional course Banking & Insurance was introduced in year 2006.

The Management aims to open new doors of career for the female population from the society. From the beginning University was kept the curriculum of the Professional courses industry friendly.


  • To give an adequate exposure to Operational environment in the field of Banking and Insurance.
  • To provide adequate basic understanding regarding the concept of Field of banking and insurance
  • To inculcate training and practical approach among the students by using modern technologies in the field of banking and insurance.


  • B.Com. Banking and Insurance is a 3 years study program which include 6 semesters having 2 semesters per year.
  • The Degree Course covers the concept of Banking, Banking Operations, Banking Laws and Regulations also concept of Insurance, functioning of Insurance, Insurance Risk and Insurance Regulations etc.
  • It’s a specialized Degree in the field of Banking and Insurance.
  • As a need of the curriculum either in summer vacation of Second Year or in winter vacation of Third Year, students are accommodated in Internship at different organization. Department always try to give renown organization for Internship to the students. We have always received excellent internship feedback of our students. Some of our students have also received award of best internship from their respective organization. On the basis of knowledge of Internship students are prepare Project at Third Year.
  • After successful completion of B.Com. (Banking and Insurance) many of our students are doing well in their future life. Many students have gone for Master’s Degree. Many of them are working in Professional organizations and successfully forwarding to glorious future.
  • Our faculty is the strength of the organization. We have full time faculties and also visiting faculties for few subjects. Always care is taken that 100% syllabus is completed on time. Teachers make sure that they provide our students practical knowledge about the current scenarios of the market industry.