Ganeshdasji Maharaj_Founder President


(Born on 10 February 1929 Sad Demise 31 January 2011)

He infused a new modern spirit and dynamism in the operations of Sadhubela. He has traveled widely throughout the length and breadth of India and the world, established numerous centers, ashrams, educational and medical institutions, Dharamshala’s. He has ensured that the Ashram continues to feed everyone who visits the ashram by acquiring vast tracts of agricultural lands that provide foods in abundance.

Swami Ganeshdasji Maharaj is a man of miracles and is known to read the mind of his devotees and give appropriate guidance to all those who visit him in matters both religious and temporal.

A spiritual leader, a visionary Late Acharya Swami Ganeshdasji Maharaj, founder of Sadhubella Education Society, believed that “the need of the time is to develop the students to possess all-round personality beyond academic discipline.” He was of the opinion that for centuries together the women were neglected and oppressed. This touched him, so he started education especially for girls. The institute has blossomed since then.” The weaker female section neglected by society for centuries touched the kind heart of our beloved Swami Ganeshdasji Maharaj. He started education especially for girls which flourished from bottom to top.