BCBI (Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance)

A specialised degree prepares a student for a career in addition to preparing the students for continuous growth and lifelong learning. Its is with this objective in mind that the university of Mumbai has introduced a new Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance Degree Programme which encompass a shift from general education to professional education.



The learners get knowledge in the field of Finance, Banking, Accounting, Insurance Law, Insurance Regulations etc

In the field of finance, the learners become capable of decision making/managing finance, setting of financial goals, investment and capital budgeting and capital cost.

The learners understand how e-commerce, e-banking, woks and how information technology is used in banking and insurance. They also acquire knowledge regarding trends in banking reforms and banking acts.

The students become aware of banking concepts, conventions, principles, policies, accounting standards, stack valuation etc.

The learners acquire knowledge regarding the different banking systems, role of RBI in the growth and development of banking system.

The students become aware of different types of insurances, role of IRDA in controlling and managing insurance sector.

The study of strategic management makes the learners to understand strategic formulation, implementation and evaluation.

They will become capable of doing market research- Its analysis and evaluation.

They understand business ethics, corporate governance and ethical behaviour towards stakeholders, corporate social responsibilities and policies.

The learners become capable of adopting the technique of team work motivation etc.