As per the vision and mission, the college strives for the all-round development of our students through various curricular and extra-curricular activities. Sports, being one of the extra-curricular activity, plays vital role in the overall development of the students. Gymkhana provides students a platform to expose themselves beyond academics through sports.

The Gymkhana Department of our College plans and organise various indoor and outdoor activities. It is headed by the Director of Physical Education Mr. Ashok Ram Dixit who is assisted by a committee known as the Gymkhana Committee. The following members are appointed in the committee: –

  • Mr. Dixit – Physical Director
  • Ms. Sharmila Karve – Member
  • Ms. Pranjal Karkhanis – Member
  • Ms. Anagha Kotekar– Member


  • To make student physically fit.
  • Overall development of students through its various programmes.
  • Inculcate discipline, team spirit, teamwork, cooperation and tolerance.


College gymkhana is situated on the 4th floor of college building, having area of 9.75sq.mtrs and also a playground for outdoor games. Gymkhana is equipped with caroms, table tennis, chess, football, skipping ropes, badminton, volley ball, cricket bat and ball, knee pad, stump, shot put ball, yoga mat, hockey stick etc. For physical workout we are equipped with treadmill, dumbles, physio ball, fitness cycle, weighing machine etc. and for precautions we have even arranged first aid kit in the gymkhana.

Following are the rules and regulations of the Gymkhana Committee

  • Gymkhana facilities are available only to the students of the college. No outsider will be allowed to play in the college Gymkhana.
  • The Gymkhana facilities will be available to the students on working days between 09:30 am – 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm – 03:00 pm on working days
  • No student shall be permitted to use the Gymkhana facilities without proper Identity card. The students are required to wear their identity cards when in the Gymkhana.
  • Students should not use other student’s identity card for entry or exit in Gymkhana. If any student is found doing so, a serious action will be taken against such students and he will be permanently barred from using Gymkhana facility.
  • No student will be permitted to play in the Gymkhana while his/her lectures or practical sessions are in progress.
  • Students issuing sports equipment against ID cards will be solely responsible for any damage, breakage, or loss of the equipment. He / she will have to bear the cost of damage/breakage.
  • The Gymkhana facilities shall not be provided during the examination period
  • Students shall not create a nuisance in the Gymkhana through their words or actions. Students found guilty of using foul language or indulging in any action that may obstruct the lectures or other work in the college will be barred from the use of the Gymkhana facility.
  • For any complaints regarding the Gymkhana and its facilities, the final decision will be taken by the college authorities.