Aspiring Mind Cell


Aspiring minds is a professional cell established by of J.W. Sadhubella girls college. Aspiring minds is meant for training and developing the youth/students of J.W.Sadhubella Girls college. Aspiring minds is a means through which team can enhance the quality & excellence in the students in a professional way. Aspiring minds is a activity, mission, vision, goal to provide a platform to students to undertake various professional activities in a collaborative way.

Committee of Aspiring Mind Cell

  1. Mrs Smita D Chawak – Chairperson
  2. Mr Rajeshkumar Singh – Member
  3. Ms Sharmila Karve – Member

Objectives of Aspiring Minds:

  1. To provide a platform for training and development.
  2. To inculcate habits of participation in students.
  3. To Develop confidence among students
  4. To remove stage fear
  5. To conduct weekly professional activity
  6. To reduce monotony from routine teaching and learning process
  7. Bring out the hidden talents from the students
  8. Bring out the hidden talents among the students
  9. Bring out the Entrepreneur among the students
  10. Teaching the students to make best out of waste

Activities to be undertaken under Aspiring Minds :

  • Elocution
  • Extempore
  • Debate
  • Skit
  • Language Development sills
  • News collection on recent topics
  • Professional presentations on legends/Leaders/Tycoons
  • Quiz competition
  • Management games
  • Newspaper reading.
  • Training for interview sessions
  • Guest & Expert lectures on various topics.
  • Survey & research with paper presentations.